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British Olympic Association – BOA Media accreditatie process for Paris 2024 Olympic Games open


In preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has made its allocation of “E” category accreditation to each National Olympic Committee.


This process is open to print, digital and photographic media organisations that are based in the United Kingdom and meet the guideline standards included in this media advisory.


The IOC is responsible for accrediting all non-rights-holding television and radio broadcasters (ENR).  Applications for ENR accreditation to cover the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be available on the IOC website between 26 January to 8 March 2023.


Application Process for E category accreditation


All organisations/freelance media are required to request, in writing, the number of representatives from your organisation that you wish to send to Paris 2024. This request will be put forward to the British Olympic Association (BOA) Media Advisory Committee (MAC) to be considered for accreditation.


To submit a request, please complete the BOA Accreditation Application Form and return to MediaAccreditation@TeamGB.com no later than 30 September 2022.


Please note only one application will be considered per organisation.


Although the number of accreditations awarded to the BOA is greater than that awarded for Tokyo 2020, please be advised that there is likely to be high demand and we are therefore unable to guarantee that the MAC will be able to fully satisfy your initial allocation request.


Once numbers have been approved by the MAC, media will be notified of their allocation in December 2022. The Press by Name procedure begins in October 2023.

The MAC consists of representatives of the BOA, as well as independent representation from the Sports Journalists’ Association, photographic and news agencies.

For more information, contact Beth.Sims@TeamGB.com.



British Olympic Association Media Accreditation Guidelines Paris 2024 Olympic Games: July 26 – August 11 2024

All accreditation requests must be submitted by the sports editor/ managing editor of the news organisation, or other authorised representative

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has received media accreditations for allocation to UK media outlets in the United Kingdom for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Certain criteria will be in effect to determine who receives these accreditations:

  • –  Applicants must be a UK-based-organisation
  • –  Freelancers will be expected to provide proofs of commission
  • –  Applicants must be;

o Adailyorapprovedweeklynewspaper
o Anationalnewsorsportsmagazine
o Aninternet-basedorganisationwithstaffmembersprovidingoriginal

o Aphotoagencywithnationalorinternationalclient(s)

Rights-holding television/radio networks, non-rights holding television/radio networks or wire services are accredited by the IOC (AP, AFP, Reuters).

Media Advisory Committee

The BOA will establish an independent Media Accreditation Committee to support and verify the process of allocating accreditation fairly. The Committee will be established with members who have first-hand experience of covering a number of Olympic Games and with knowledge of each of the relevant categories of accreditation. The MAC will consider each application and will allocate accreditations to ensure the greatest and widest coverage of the Olympic Games in the UK.

The MAC will use a series of criteria, which will include:

  • –  IOC guidelines – hierarchy and priorities
  • –  Continuous editorial commitment to Olympic sport throughout the four-year

    Olympic cycle

  • –  History of attending Olympic Games
  • –  Reach
  • –  Frequency
  • –  Online impressions




Thursday 21 July – Friday 30 September 2022

UK Press organisations submit their written initial accreditation ‘by Number’ requests to the BOA (deadline 30 September)

October – November 2022

BOA and Media Accreditation Committee (MAC) meet to award accreditation

December 2022

BOA inform media outlets of their accreditation allotment and supplies Press by Number forms

26 January 2023

Non-rights holding broadcasters accreditation application process begins. The IOC manages this process: https://olympics.com/ioc/accred2024

February 2023

Accredited media outlets return Press by Number forms to BOA

8 March 2023

Non-rights holding broadcasters application process closes

October 2023

Press by Name process begins. BOA will supply Press By Name forms for accredited organisations to submit names of each press representative.

5 January 2024

Accredited media outlets return Press by Name forms to BOA.

April 2024

Paris 2024 to produce and distribute Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC) to NOCs. BOA will distribute to UK media – OIAC will act as visa into France from June 2024

26 July – 11 August 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Games