S.I.G.N bmx

Karel Seydel – S.I.G.N bmx est.10th July 1982 – “42 years promotion BMX”

Karel Seydel create on  10th  July 1982

a Independent N.E.W.S letter to give  the BMX Rider(s)

a Voice in there own sport.

visit by people  from  225 Countries

if you you reckon there are 235 countries worldwide

Why,back then ,it were run  by  people with a lot of money (bobo’s)

They did not have the strength in there heart or blood to run our great sport as out the piont of view

as a Athlete  ;BMXrider

ofcourse there are always things to improve

Without You :,there is no sport,fun,future, education,legacy


Back then I thought ,how can I promote our sport to a better level ,then kids for fun on a bmx.

So I did have a dream:

If our sport BMX could be part of the British school system for Physical Education system,

it would be recognize worldwide as a professional  sport and you recognize young talent in a earlier  stage

18 July 1990 , Friendship started between  Karel Seydel and English Bmx Association

                                     1990 – 2020 :30 years

2011 :Team Great Britain – British Olympic Association                                                                 

I started to write letter(s) ,still dreaming then after 21 years

London2012 ,My Dream came True

Tokyo2020, BMX gold

Photo Credit Ross Cullen – Team GB

photo credit: team GB

photo credit: team GB

photo credit: team GB

photo credit: team GB

photo credit: team GB

photo credit:Glasgow City

Photo credit : Nile Wilson  – Team GB