Read in browser Medal Alert: Women’s curlers win gold in Beijing

Team GB’s women’s curling rink of skip Eve Muirhead, Jennifer Dodds, Vicky Wright, Hailey Duff and alternate Mili Smith won gold after beating Japan 10-3 in the Olympic final at Beijing 2022. It is Team GB’s first curling gold medal for 20 years as Muirhead follows in the footsteps of Rhona Martin who famously topped the podium in Salt Lake City. Muirhead takes gold at her fourth Olympic Winter Games, becoming the first British curler to win two Olympic medals having taken bronze at Sochi 2014, while her teammates are crowned champions at the first attempt.


Eve Muirhead

Age: 31 Hometown: Stirling

Result: Gold medal


On winning gold

“This is a moment I dreamed of as a young child. Having lost two semi-finals and then to come out and have that great battle against Sweden, we knew this was a great opportunity we might never get again.

“I definitely made the most of it, I prepped the same as I’ve prepped for every other game. To stand on the podium and get that gold medal round your neck is a moment I’ll never forget.”


On journey to becoming Olympic champions after initially missing out on qualification having come eighth at the 2021 World Championships before implementing a rotational squad system and progressing through the Olympic Qualifying Event (OQE)

“It’s definitely been a rollercoaster journey for the whole team here. From Calgary last year in the World Championships, not finishing in that top six, we came back and it was hard.

“There were days when I just wanted to throw my shoes in the cupboard and not take them out again. But we all came back, we had this new team put together, we then won the Europeans and the OQE.

“It’s not been easy. The Olympics are never easy and we knew each game was going to be tough.”


On overcoming adversity

“For me it was a very tough summer with the pandemic, with lockdown, with not qualifying for the Olympics.

“And I had such great help from all the support staff, from the girls around me, to come back out fighting and I think that’s exactly what we did.

“We then got put into a squad system of nine so there was no place guaranteed in that team.

“These five girls have deserved that spot – we’ve become European champions and now we’re Olympic champions.”

On the performances in the semi-final and final

“That semi showed our resilience and how much fight we had.

“Today, we played an amazing game, we definitely kept the best until last.

“I am so proud of the girls – how we played today. If you can bring your A-game to Olympic finals, that shows what great and fantastic abilities we all have.”


On being visibly emotional as the national anthem played at the medal ceremony

“It was emotional for sure. I managed to hold it in until the flag was being raised. It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for for so many years.

“I’ve been close many times but I just haven’t been over the line.

“The girls have helped me become a better curler and they’ve also helped me become a better person. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. And it’s such an incredible, incredible moment.”

On avenging defeat to Japan in the PyeongChang 2018 bronze medal match when she missed a shot to win and finished fourth

“In PyeongChang coming fourth was incredibly tough. It took me a long time to get over that and like even now I still think of that shot.

“Hopefully it will be out of my mind now. Fourth place is a horrible place to come but I came back because I knew I was capable of getting a medal and I did it with these girls. I wouldn’t have done it without them.”


Vicky Wright

Age: 28 Hometown: Stirling

Result: Gold medal


On upgrading on fiancé Greg Drummond, Bruce Mouat and Jen Dodds’ mixed doubles coach, who won silver as part of Team Murdoch at Sochi 2014

“I’ve got the bragging rights in the house now. We’ve not spoken yet but after we’ve finished I’ll give him a ring and tell him I’ve got the bragging rights going forward now!”


On the nurses on her ward

“They would have stayed up to watch last night. I can’t wait to see them when I go back. I’m back to work next week.

“I told them I’d do my best to bring a medal back and to take a gold one, I can’t believe it.”

Jennifer Dodds

Age: 30 Hometown: Edinburgh

Result: Gold medal

On rebounding from a difficult start to the round robin, winning one of the first three games

“I think that just sums this team up. Even if we are down, we are fighters and I think we’ve just proven that throughout this whole competition.

“Losing our first game at the Olympics was not ideal, but we knew we played well and we just came back out fighting for the next game.

“I think we’ve just shown our grit and determination out there today because even in that final when we knew we were up in the game we knew we had to keep strong out there to get the win.”

Hailey Duff

Age: 25 Hometown: Forfar

Result: Gold medal

On scoring four in the seventh end of the final to go 8-2 up

“You hope at that point you can close out the game.

“You have to focus and that’s what we did. We focused on what we needed to. I don’t know what’s happened! It’s just a bit weird!”


Mili Smith

Age: 23 Hometown: Stirling

Result: Gold medal


On the journey

“It’s been challenging. We’ve done it together and we always managed, whether we were on a high or a low, we were always in it together.

“It’s been a rollercoaster but I wouldn’t change a thing.”