36th UEC Congress

Thirty-five National Federations took part in the Union Européenne de Cyclisme’s annual Congress in
Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on Sunday.
During this Congress, which was also attended by the President of the Union Cycliste Internationale, David
Lappartient, in addition to the aspects that characterise ordinary administration (approval of balance
sheets, budgets, calendars for forthcoming seasons, etc.), all the initiatives carried out over the past
season were illustrated, with particular attention paid to the new events that will guarantee perfect parity
in terms of titles awarded by 2024.
Delegates from the Federations present unanimously approved the reports from President Enrico Della
Casa, General Secretary Alasdair MacLennan and Treasurer Henrik Jess Jensen.
An increasingly harmonious relationship with the Union Cycliste Internationale and the World Cycling
Centre enables the UEC to give continuity to certain initiatives aimed at its National Federations, such as
training courses for young people and technicians, and new events that are developing on the European
Cycling scene, such as the Youth European Cyclo-Cross Cup.

Enrico Della Casa, President of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme: “I am proud to preside over such an
active and dynamic Confederation, and I make no secret of my optimism for the future, without forgetting
its past and the values of our sport.
The Union Européenne de Cyclisme has many projects and ambitions, the work to be done is important
and particularly motivating.
We will strive to further develop our European Championships and Cups, while remaining loyal to our
National Federations, which are doing a remarkable job on the ground.
There is a lot of work to be done in the future; it will be an intense journey, but also an exciting challenge,
and I am sure that together we will manage to achieve all the objectives we have set ourselves.
In a year’s time, the mandate you gave us in 2021 will come to an end and the Union Européenne de
Cyclisme’s Management Board will have to be renewed. I am announcing today that I will be standing
again for the Presidency of our Confederation, as I wish to continue my long-term commitment to Cycling
and to the international governance of Cycling.”
During the Congress, Gold Licences were awarded to the former President of the Portuguese Cycling
Federation and Honorary UCI Member Artur Lopes (Portugal) and to the former UCI Financial Director and
creator of the Aigle World Cycling Centre, Jean-Pierre Strebel (Switzerland), and UEC Merits were
awarded to Daniela Isetti (Italy), Bob Howden (Great Britain), Raivo Rand (Estonia), Henrik Jess Jensen
(Denmark) and George Georgiou (Cyprus).
The next UEC Congress will be held in Budapest (Hungary) on 9 March 2025.