Daphné Bürki, Styling and Costumes Director of the four Ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Games

Credit Paris2024

With 31 days to go before the Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony, Paris 2024 and Thomas Jolly, the Ceremonies’ Artistic Director, reveal a new member of the Artistic Team. After Victor le Masne as the Ceremonies’ Music Director and Maud Le Pladec as Dance and Choreography Director for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee proudly announces Daphné Bürki as Styling and Costume Director for the four Paris 2024 Ceremonies.

“After announcing the Music Director and the Dance and Choreography Director, we are very happy to introduce the Styling and Costumes Director for the four Ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Games! The talented Daphné Bürki dedicates all her energy and daring to this new and extraordinary challenge to seek out designers from all over the world, and design and create the costumes the artists and extras will wear during the Ceremonies. We can’t wait to see these creations come to life at the Opening Ceremony on 26 July, with the unique backdrop that Paris and the Seine offer,” says Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024.

“I am delighted to announce that I have chosen Daphné Bürki as Styling and Costumes Director for the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies. France is known as the birthplace of fashion; it impersonates elegance and innovation. Paris is the epicentre of Haute Couture and avant-garde trends. For the Olympic Opening Ceremony, I did not wish, as is customary, to designate a single designer for the costumes: to reflect the exceptional creativity of French fashion, I chose to call on several of them. Besides, I wanted to create some of the costumes internally, in line with the theatrical concept, as I have on some of my previous opera or theatre creations. To ensure the success of this delicate and unprecedented association, Daphné Bürki emerged as the only possible candidate. With her professional experience at Dior and keen eye for the new generation of French designers, Daphné Bürki puts her expertise at the service of our ambitious project for the Ceremonies’ costumes, at the same time flamboyant, diverse, and conscious. Her sensitive approach and commitments enhance, through the costumes, each of the Opening Ceremony’s sequences, which all shed light on French savoir-faire.” Thomas Jolly, Artistic Director for the Paris 2024 Games’ Ceremonies

As a member of Thomas Jolly’s team, Daphné Bürki is in charge, together with Olivier Bériot, Head Costume Master for the Ceremonies, to appoint the creative team: a dozen young, emerging French and international designers, as well as renowned maisons such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, belonging to LVMH Group, a Paris 2024 Premium Partner. The team will design and create the 3,000 costumes the dancers and artists will wear during the four Ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Games.

“I am honoured to have been chosen as Styling and Costumes Director for the four Ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Games and to contribute to this extraordinary event. This is a unique opportunity to shed light on the talents of passionate designers I have been working with for over twenty years, emerging designers or renowned maisons, in the framework of daily TV broadcasts. I intend to show the best of French culture and fashion, especially with the sumptuous backdrop that Paris and the Seine offer,” Daphné Bürki said.

Whether at Culturebox, the daily France Télévisions TV broadcast she has been hosting since 2021, or as a Drag Race France Jury member, a position she has held for three seasons, Daphné Bürki offers viewers a chance to see stage artists as the makers of fashion and style. Daphné Bürki will also comment the Opening Ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Games for France Télévisions, together with Laurent Delahousse and Alexandre Boyon for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and with Matthieu Lartot for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.