Paris 2024 reveals the sports equipment and facilities that will be branded in the Look of the Games

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About Paris 2024

The mission of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 Organising Committee, in accordance with the host city contract signed between the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (CNOSF – French National Olympic and Sporting Committee) and the Ville de Paris municipal authorities, is to plan, organise, fund and deliver the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the greatest sporting event in the world, with unparalleled media impact. They bring together 10,500 Olympic athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes, respectively from 206 and 184 delegations, across five continents. They are watched by over 13 million spectators and billions of viewers across the world, across a total of over 100,000 hours of TV broadcasting. They are without equal in sporting, economic and cultural events throughout the world, and this power helps to further their impact.

Set up in January 2018, Paris 2024 is headed by Tony Estanguet, three-time Olympic champion. It is run by a Board of Directors, on which sit all the founding members of the project: the CNOSF, Ville de Paris, the French Government, the Île-de-France regional authority, the CPSF, the Métropole du Grand Paris, the Conseil départemental de Seine Saint-Denis, representatives of the local authorities involved in the Games, civil society and corporate partners.

Today, Paris 2024 presented a sample of the sports equipment and facilities that will be used in competition and training during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. 

From the badminton shuttlecock to the sport climbing wall, not forgetting the blind football ball, the handball goalposts and the athletics track at the Stade de France, a total of more than 1.2 million items of sports equipment will be produced, some of which will be branded in the Paris 2024 Look of the Games, making it easy to recognise at a glance where and when the sporting action they are being used for is taking place.


1.2 million items of sports equipment for the Games of Paris 2024

The sports equipment and facilities at each edition of the Games are unique, thanks to a visual identity that is instantly recognisable. They cover all the disciplines, as well as the fields of play at each competition and training venue. For the Games of Paris 2024, 4,000 reference items will be used to organise the competitions.

Over 250 suppliers were involved in delivering all the sports equipment on time, including six Paris 2024 Official Supporters (Gerflor, Gymnova, Highfield, Mondo, Technogym and Terraillon).

For the most visible and emblematic venues, Paris 2024 has rolled out its Look of the Games in line with the requirements of the International Federations and OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services), which is responsible for producing images of the sports competitions for each edition of the Games.

A clear creative vision: use the Paris 2024 visual identity at all the competition venues to make them instantly recognisable

Dressing sports equipment and facilities in the Look of the Games represents a unique challenge for Paris 2024. Revealed in early 2023, the Paris 2024 Look of the Games is the graphic identity that visually unifies the celebration and competition venues, as well as all the host cities, by conveying the spirit of festivity and celebration that characterises the Games of Paris 2024.

The competition venues of the Games of Paris 2024 will feature a simple palette of three main colours: blue (19 venues), green (13 venues) and purple (11 venues). Based on the main colour of each venue, all the sports equipment will feature the motifs and symbols of the Look of the Games (polka dots and stripes), elements of the Paris 2024 brand (Rings or Agitos, emblem, etc.) or the pictogram of the discipline.

These elements are also unified by a touch of pink, the common thread running through Paris 2024’s visual identity, which provides contrast within the colour palette, as well as a joyful dimension.

For the design of the sports equipment, the Paris 2024 creative teams have adapted the graphic ingredients to objects of all sizes and materials, while ensuring that they fit perfectly into the competition areas. This search for harmony and visual unity was carried out with the aim of serving the athletes’ sporting performance above all else, while at the same time enhancing it. The sports equipment will be present at all 43 competition venues, including 41 Olympic venues, 20 transition venues between the Olympic and Paralympic Games and two Paralympic-only venues, as well as in 32 Olympic sports and 22 Paralympic sports.

Two examples of sports facilities sporting the Look of the Games: the Stade de France and the Le Bourget sport climbing venue

These are the first facilities to be revealed to the public and they represent Paris 2024’s desire to dress the competition venues with the unique identity of Paris 2024.

The athletics track at the Stade de France for the Games of Paris 2024 is purple, a first in history. Previous editions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games have featured colours closer to orange or blue.

The choice of a purple track, a colour that is unprecedented in the history of the Games, will ensure that the images of the Games of Paris 2024 are etched in the memories of spectators, television viewers and athletes alike.  At first glance at a photo, everyone will instantly associate this distinctive track with the Games of Paris 2024.

In collaboration with Mondo, an Official Supporter of the Games of Paris 2024, the Paris 2024 brand and sports management teams opted for two shades of purple (one for the track, one for the technical areas). To cover the outside of the bends, they then chose a complementary grey colour, an historic reference to the asphalt track used in Paris in 1924, thus defining the three colours that now cover the over-13,000m² surface area of the Stade de France’s athletics track.

The walls of the Le Bourget sport climbing venue are the first in the history of the Games to be brandedbranded in the colours of the Look of its particular edition (in Tokyo, in 2021, for the premiere of sport climbing at the Olympic Games, the walls adopted a neutral grey hue). The adaptation of the walls of the Le Bourget sport climbing venue to the visual identity of the Games was the subject of a special project involving Paris 2024, its partners and the International Federation of Sport Climbing, resulting in a design that enhances the identity of Paris 2024, while complying with the specifications of the International Federation.

For Paris 2024, we had to create a design that respected the Look of the Games in a range of predominantly green tones assigned to the Le Bourget sport climbing venue, while at the same time anticipating the routes that would be set out there and the colour of the different modules that make up the routes.