S.I.G.N bmx

Karel Seydel – S.I.G.N bmx est.10 July 1982

                Credit :Karel Seydel – S.I.G.N bmx est.1982

S.I.G.N bmx est.10th July 1982

Karel Seydel started with  a BMXrider newsletter for  BMXriders ,made  by BMXriders

First around The Netherlands ,

Then International:Because back in 1982,

There was no Bmxriders interests made by  athlete’ s for themselves

Because it were more a hobby usually was  it done   by people with money in Holland,

we call them BOBO – Bo Bo

Computer/email  never heard  of it,back then ,everything was  done by visit people in person and writing letters  and sent it by bird hahaha!!!!

(Family Gerrit Does :I.BMX.F –  family Frans du Maine: KNWU  ,

Family Gerard de Vries:FCC Kaascrossers,Family Jan van Zoelen)

European BMX correspondent for :

Aussie action magazine,Australian Bmx Association ,Bmx Australia Magz. Holeshot Magz.

involved  with  I.BMX.F World Championships,Brisbane ,Australia.(1989)

Australian Cycling Federation:ACF

(Barry Ransom – Sean Scott, Abe Schneider)

Became together with Australian  National BMX Team, World Champion in 1990 ,France

European BMX correspondent for:

English BMX Association

Extra bmx Magazine

(Nev Hollis – Kelvin Batey )

Hillingdon BMX Club .Greater London

Karel Seydel  had a dream, bmx  as a physical sport on schools,

around Great Britain

it would recognize as professional sport and  notice young talent in earlier stage

involved   European BMX Championships (1991)


road to UCI – Olympic Sport

European BMX Correspondent for Zimbabwe an South Africa

(swimmer Kristy Coventry comes from Zimbabwe)

European BMX  Correspondent for USA/ Canada

Canada BMX :Marcia Thorburn

BMX Canada magz.



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GT Bicycles

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Ecko Helmets

BMX Rider  Friendship Tour

Karel Seydel was ask to set up a  BMX tour around Europe

1944 – 1994 :50 Years D-Day

promotion bmx – bmx Freestyle  indonesia




more photos from Friday  @ Papendal BMX