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New Experience: UEC BMX – European CUP:Challenge Riders

Credit by:Karel Seydel – S.I.G.Nbmx

Why new Experience:Challenge class riders can race for the first time :

on the same track like there big Hero’ s;Olympic Champions,World Champions,European champions and National champions from each country around  europe

 Challenge Class : 7-12 years and 13-30 years class and 24″ Cruiser class could all participate on same  track.

New Experience

Ofcourse this is your first big chance to show you are a good rider ,ofcourse you all like to pedal to a medal but like every sport sometimes in the heat of the moment things going wrong!

Then you crash or slide from your pedal! you fall down and your Dream for the moment is over!Special for younger BMXriders is this new Experience:

Why;on club level  you take time to help each other and  before going back on your bike,while those with years of experience in the back of there mind

I have to get over the Finishline and  then I can falldown,no matter the injury of pain!

So when one of those youngsters is falling down and shout/cry it is not they have pain mostely all adrenaline comes free and there dream is over!