S.I.G.N bmx

Olympic Games – London2012 -Tokyo2020 Thank you :Team Great Britain

So I did have a dream:

If our sport BMX could be part of the British school system for Physical Education 

it would be recognize worldwide as a professional  sport and you recognize young talent in a earlier  stage


  • I had to wait for 21 years

  •  Before my dream came through

  • London212,: the British Government and British Olympic Association 

  • Olympic sport :BMX/BMX Freestyle ;

  •  Physical Éducation:Great Britain and Commonwealth Countries.

  • Ten years later it brought during Tokyo2020;

  • BMX Gold Medal ,BMX Silver Medal ,

  • BMX Freestyle Gold Medal , BMX Freestyle Bronze Medal



 Special Thanks to Family Nev Hollis

18th July,1990 .English BMX Association –

credit by Karel Seydel – S.I.G.N bmx  ( 10th July 1982 – 2022)

Back then I thought ,how can I promote our sport to a better level ,

then kids for fun on a bmx.


    • I started to write letter(s) ,







Credit:karel seydel :Team GB Womens Hockey :London2012


  • Then at Tokyo2020 ,Due the National Curriculum Physical Education Program on Schools 

  • which started in 2012  brought  final the Gold BMX Medal home!!!!




S.I.G.N bmx:Friendship ” 30 Years” 18th July,2020


White Cap – Orange T shirt:Karel Seydel – S.I.G.N bmx