S.I.G.N bmx

Family Seydel –

Abraham Seydel (1263) Switzerland

Seydel :Hebrew name

The surname Seydel was first found in Switzerland,

where the name has been traced to Swiss origins before the family’s emigration to Germany in 1315,   

Then around 1840 – some family members Emigrate to Scotland and UK.                                            


Mayor of Berlin -Germany

Then in 1880 more family members  emigrate to USA,Canada ,Asia,Australia

Some of them return back to Europe after WWII

                                                                                                         Professor Dr. rer. nat.  K. Seydel

                                                                                                             1959 – Kiel University – Germany

                                                                                                          Professor R. Seydel

                                                                                                              1999 – University  of  Cologne  – Germany

  Adviesfunctie bij het Staff College System van de Verenigde Naties te New York en Turijn (UN Staff College System) op het terrein van strategische communicatie.


1991 – Bicycle Moto cross to be part of English physical Education school system
2012 – British Olympic Association – British Government :making the final decision