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The 2019 season has started with a series of key new developments for the future of the Union Européenne
de Cyclisme, in particular in its management that will undergo major changes and be renewed from the next
elections (in the Spring of 2021).
The UEC Management Board which met in Bogense (Denmark) on 2 February 2019 approved the proposals
to amend the Constitution that will be submitted for approval to National Federation delegates at the UEC
General Assembly in Rome (Italy) on 10 March 2019.
The main changes to the UEC Constitution are the governance of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme, that
will modify its own composition. Under the initiative of the International Olympic Committee, the sport’s world
is undergoing fundamental changes in terms of governing positions, with an increasing amount of women
entering the fold. The UEC will therefore be the first federation to change its Constitution to guarantee and
encourage more representation of women as follows:
– at least two women on the UEC Management Board (comprising 7 members)
– at least four women among the European voting delegates at the UCI General Assembly (15 members)
– at least two women among the European members of the UCI Management Committee (7 European
The Management Board also approved :
– the creation of a Paracycling Commission that will be chaired by the Dutchman Simon Meijn and will also
have as members Carol-Eduard Novak (Romania), 2012 London gold medallist and silver medallist at
Beijing 2008, Denis Toomey (Ireland), Jon Pett (Great Britain) and Dennis Harlov Madsen (Denmark);
-and a strategic development plan for 2019-2022
Rocco Cattaneo, President of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme: «Our agenda will be especially busy and
exciting over the next few years in terms of organisation. A change in direction was necessary in view of the
fundamental changes that our sport and society as a whole are undergoing. The meeting in Rome will be
historic since for the first time the UEC Congress and the CAC Congress (African Cycling Confederation) will
be held in the same venue and 102 National Federations from the two continents will take part.
We have already launched a series of new sporting developments such as the harmonisation of the number
of kilometres at European Championships Time-Trials, the recognition of e-bike activities, the harmonisation
of prizes for the Men’s and Women’s categories and the creation of the Junior Women Cyclo-Cross
European Championships. We share the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) policy for the new disciplines
that will strengthen traditional activities even more.
We also believe that more women in management positions is vital for the growth and development of our
sport and that this will be hugely beneficial.»

Stefano Bertolotti – UEC Press Officer