Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters

Report/photos by Tokyo2020

Since the early 20th century, posters have been created by Organising Committees of the Olympic Games to promote and advertise this major sporting and cultural event. Olympic posters also play the role of showcasing each Games’ special features to the world.

Recently, official posters have been created by internationally renowned artists and designers aimed at leaving cultural and artistic legacies for the individual Olympic and Paralympic Games. These posters thus include works that are regarded as the icons of their age.

For the Tokyo 2020 Games, artists will create artworks based on the theme of the Olympic or Paralympic Games and use them as a posters in order to foster momentum in the build-up to the Games.

Posters for the Olympics

Exhibition method

The Tokyo 2020 emblems are composed of three varieties of rectangular shapes and are designed to represent different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. At the Tokyo 2020 Official Art Poster Exhibition, the motifs of rectangular shapes comprising the emblems will be lined up across the entrance space of the venue as an element of the exhibition. These motifs, which indicate diversity and equality, to create a special space for the exhibition of the works of artists from a variety of backgrounds.

Illustrative images
The motifs of the rectangular shapes comprising the emblems lined up without changing their original layout angles to create a special exhibition space for the posters.